Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day Seven: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Today, we were busy! We started our day by visiting the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. We also visited two schools and took a walking tour of Sarajevo.

The OSCE visit was extremely informative. For each group of children, there may have to be three different sets of textbooks depending on their ethnicity. 

Our guide from the OSCE accompanied is first to a lower school, then a high school. Teachers earn about 6,000 Euros a year. The lower school children are taught English in the lower grades, then must learn another foreign language. There are also no community colleges! Students may have a vocational path.

I will close with a few photos from the walking tour. The first one is the oldest Muslim mosque in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The second and third photos show the remainders and reminders of the Civil War. The second building is a functioning Roman Catholic church.

The final photo of the day is our wacky walking tour guide who concluded the tour by explaining how Bill Clinton continues to be very popular in Sarajevo, thanks to his role in bringing peace to the city. Our  guide thanked us for caring about his city. The tour group assured him we would never forget his lovely city.

Back to Croatia to visit Mostar and Dubroovnik! Until next time.


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